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Fiber-Optic II Receiver is for use with Stone, Brick and Cast coping. Fiber-Optic II is positioned on the tile with 3M Adhesive.The upper flanged area is positioned in the bed mud under the brick or cast coping.


Fiberstars or



Part # Description:
3FOR2 For Fiberstars FSSB-CABL42, FSSB, & Supervision SV23
3FOR6 For Supervision SV32, SV42, Fiberstars ELD, BPAK-50 & Fiberworks FW25, FW50
3FOR8 For Fiberworks Ultra Glow 25, 50 & 75
Carton Includes:
14 Fiber-Optic Receiver – (8′ lengths)
1 5 oz. Tube of 3M Adhesive

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