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This Fiber-Optic Liner Pool Cover Regular Form for vinyl liner pools enables the attachment of a Fiber-Optic Receiver by positioning the receiver against an exposed adhesive. When in positioned, the Fiber-Optic Receiver and the automatic pool cover track are encased into the concrete during the cantilever pour. This system is applicable to most in-ground installations. Please specify 6″ or 90 degree corners when ordering.



Part # With Fiber-Optic Receiver
81PC104-F For Fiberstars FSSB, FSSB-CABL42 & Supervision SV23
81PC104-S For Supervision SV32, SV42, Fiberworks FW25, FW50, Fiberstars ELD, BPAK-50
81PC104-A For Fiberworks Ultra Glow 25, 50 & 75
13 Fiber-Optic Liner Pool Cover Regular Form (8′ lengths)
13 Fiber-Optic Receiver (8′ lengths)
13 Liner Track (8′ lengths) ?
1 Tie Wire Side Kit
1 Hardware Kit
2 Corners (must specify 6″ or 90 degree corners)
? ? ?

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