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This aftermarket perimeter lighting channel is easy to install and provides a mechanical attachment. The top flange is designed to compress when inserted into a saw cut 5/8″ deep X 1/8″ wide, and is held securely in place with adhesive (not included).

Fiberstars or
Part # Description: – (14 pieces per carton, 8′ lengths)
7REN4F For Fiberstars FSEO, FSSB, & Supervision SV23
7REN4F-FLEX For Pre-cut Flex Receiver
7REN6S For Supervision SV32, SV42, Fiberstars FS-CABL-49, Polaris 7mm, & Fiberworks FW25, FW50
7REN6S-FLEX For Pre-cut Flex Receiver
7REN7A For Fiberworks Ultra Glow 25, 50 & 75
7REN7A-FLEX For Pre-cut Flex Receiver

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