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Chamfer Clips Continue your Joints “Over the Edge”.
Now you can make your projects look more like “precast”. Chamfer Clips are reusable edging molds that allow you to continue a deep jointer mark over the most detailed profiles.
Chamfer Clips attach to the inside of your forms with nails and cast the jointer edge in place as you pour the concrete. After the forms are removed, the Chamfer Clips can be cleaned and set aside for the next pour.

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Wall Cap Forms Chamfer Clips (24 per carton)
Mini-Cap “300” MC3-CC-24
O-G “400” OG4-CC-24
O-G “600” OG6-CC-24
Regular “360” RG6-CC-24
Capstone “350” CP5-CC-24
Pool Forms Chamfer Clips (24 per carton)
Regular REG-CC-24
Capstone CAP-CC-24
Intermediate INT-CC-24
Pool Cover POO-CC-24
Sandstone SAN-CC-24
Stepliner Forms Chamfer Clips (24 per carton)
Regular REGST-CC-24
Capstone CAPST-CC-24
Sandstone SANST-CC-24
Intermediate INTST-CC-24
Commercial COMST-CC-24
Renovation Chamfer Clips (24 per carton)
Capstone RENCP-CC-24
Marble Round RENMR-CC-24
Regular RENRG-CC-24


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