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Finishing or touching-up a cantilever edge is much easier with a Foam Profile Edging Tool. These tools are packaged 4 per carton and are made of expanded polystyrene foam, coated with vinyl tape.

This tape-on-foam design provides a smooth finishing tool that flexes producing a smooth surface without the “chatter marks”.

Foam Profile Edging Tools are available to fit most Stegmeier profiles.


Capstone profile shown


Pool Forms
Part # – (4 per carton)
Regular REG2
Capstone CAP2
Intermediate INT2
Commercial COM2
Sandstone SAN2
Pool Cover POO2
Pool Cover E POOEL2
OG Form OGF2
Deep Regular DRG2
Deep Resin Rock DRR2
Resin Rock RR2
Stamp-A-Form SAF2
Clip-Loc Capstone CAPCL2
Clip-Loc Regular REGCL2
Clip-Loc Intermediate INTCL2
Renovation/Countertop Part # – (4 per carton)
Capstone REN2
Marble Round RENMR2
Diamond Cut RENDC2
Regular RENRG2
Wall Cap Forms Part # – (4 per carton)
Regular REG2WC
Mini-Cap MC2WC
OG-400 OG42WC
OG -600 OG62WC
Capstone CAP2WC
Step Liners
Part # – (4 per carton)
Commercial COMST2
Sandstone SANST2
Intermediate INTST2
Regular REGST2
Capstone CAPST2
Safety Tread SAFST2


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