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Nose Caps continue the appearance of the control joints where the joints meet the cantilever edge. Nose caps are attached to the form with double faced tape prior to the pour and are “plugged” into the joints during the pour. Nose Caps are available in most colors to match the control joints and are available to fit most profiles.





Pool Cover
& Stamp A Form






Child Safety Grip




Part # Nose Caps Regular – (100 per carton)
1NC1 White
1NC3 Tan
1NC6 Grey
Part # Nose Caps Capstone – (100 per carton)
9NC1 White
9NC3 Tan
9NC6 Grey
Part # Nose Caps Intermediate – (100 per carton)
2NC1 White
2NC3 Tan
2NC6 Grey
Part # Nose Caps Sandstone – (100 per carton)
17NC1 White
17NC3 Tan
Part # Nose Caps Commercial – (100 per carton)
3NC1 White
3NC3 Tan
3NC6 Grey
Part # Nose Caps Pool Cover – (100 per carton)
4NC1 White
4NC3 Tan
4NC6 Grey
Part # Nose Caps Child Safety Grip – (100 per carton)
CSGNC1 White

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