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Preformed corners by Stegmeier LLC are designed to save time and cost of bending forms on-site. Preformed corners are available for most of our popular forms and are packaged 4 corners per carton.



Part # Description: (4 per carton)
84RCC6-I Clip-Loc Capstone 6″ Inside Corner
84RCC6-O Clip-Loc Capstone 6″ Outside Corner
84RCC12-I Clip-Loc Capstone 12″ Inside Corner
84RCR6-I Clip-Loc Regular 6″ Inside Corner
84RCR6-O Clip-Loc Regular 6″ Outside Corner
84RCR12-I Clip-Loc Regular 12″ Inside Corner
84RCI6-I Clip-Loc Intermediate 6″ Inside Corner
84RCI6-O Clip-Loc Intermediate 6″ Outside Corner
84RCI12-I Clip-Loc Intermediate 12″ Inside Corner


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