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Texturit Form

Stegmeier LLC’s Texturit Form is a foam cantilever form that is attached to the tile on a gunite, fiberglass and liner pool that uses a reusable rubber liner to produce a stone profile edge. This form is unique in that it has 3 strips of double faced tape that holds the form securely in place without the need for tie wires.

Texturit Liner

The Texturit Liner is a re-usable rubber type liner that is designed to lock into the face of the Texturit Form and produce a stone edge pattern. This ten (10) foot mold is protected with vegetable oil (Original Pam) or like material and can be stripped the same day or left in place overnight depending on the installer’s preference.

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Part # Description:
23CF111 Texturit Form No Tile Strip
23CF112 Texturit Form with White Tile Strip
23CF122 Texturit Form with Grey Tile Strip
23CF132 Texturit Form with Tan Tile Strip
23CF162 Texturit Form with Black Tile Strip
14 Texturit Form (8′ lengths)
14 Tile Strip (8′ lengths)
1 Instruction Sheet
Part # Description:
23TM60 Texturit Liner
6 Texturit Liner (10′ lengths)


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