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Stegmeier’s Renovation forms are used in remodel applications to replace out of date “old fashion” coping stones. After removing the old coping, Renovation forms are attached to the ceramic tile using double faced tape. Tie Wires are included for extra support. These forms are also used in forming cast-on-site concrete countertops.

Capstone profile shown on above picture

Part # 5CF112
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Diamond Cut
Part # 5CF812
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Marble Round
Part # 5CF712
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Part # 5CF512

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Part # 5CF612

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Part # Description:
5CF112 Capstone
5CF812 Diamond Cut
5CF712 Marble Round
5CF512 Regular
5CF612 OG
Carton Includes:
14 Renovation Forms (8′ lengths)
1 Tie Wire Side Kit


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