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Wall Cap Forms are a “Cast in Place” forming system that are designed for use when placing a dual profile of concrete on a vertical wall surface such as masonry, tile or glass. Typical project applications include fountains, planters, masonry walls or pillars. Spring Clamps exert horizontal pressure to position and hold the form in place. The Spring Clamps are sold separately. Wall Cap Forms are offered in multiple profiles (as seen below).

Regular “360”
Part # REG-360
Capstone “350”
Part # CAP-350
Mini-Cap “300”
Part # MC-300
OG “400”
Part # OG-400
OG “600”
Part # OG-600


To make your wall cap projects look just like precast stone check out Chamfer Clips.

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Wall Cap Forms Part # Packaged (8′ lengths)
Regular “360” REG-360 10 pieces per carton
Capstone “350” CAP-350 10 pieces per carton
Mini-Cap “300” MC-300 10 pieces per carton
OG “400” OG-400 10 pieces per carton
OG “600” OG-600 10 pieces per carton
Spring Clamps
Part # Packaged
Steel Spring Clamps SPR-CLP 10 pieces per carton


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