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This Flowmaster A/T Commercial Deck Drain is a removable top drain that features an Aluminum top. This product also features a double wall base and a snap in top. When installing this drain the tops are staggered past the joints making the joints very rigid. Because the Aluminum tops are removable this drain is easy to clean and the tops can be replaced if ever damaged. It is recommended that you drill and pin (3/8″ rebar) the base at 3 foot intervals to stabilize against any movement in the concrete slab. Stegmeier LLC offers a fiberglass Drain Dowel for this purpose. Flowmaster A/T is used on many commercial swimming pools and indoor pedestrian traffic areas.



NOTE: For more information on the Drain Dowel, please click here.

Part # Flowmaster  A/T
FLO-AT4.5W White
FLO-AT4.5A Almond
FLO-AT4.5C Clear (Natural Aluminum Color)
FLO-AT4.5BZ Bronze
FLO-AT4.5LC Copper
Carton Includes:
1 Base (10′ per carton)
1 Aluminum Top Cap (10′ per carton)
1 Coupler
Part # Flowmaster A/T (without Base)
FLO-AT4.5W-NB White
FLO-AT4.5A-NB Almond
FLO-AT4.5C-NB Clear (Natural Aluminum Color)
FLO-AT4.5BZ-NB Bronze
FLO-AT4.5LC-NB Copper
Carton Includes:
1 Aluminum Top Cap (10′ per carton)
Part # 45 Degree Angle – 1/ctn
FM45 45 Degree Angle
Part # 90 Degree Angle – 1/ctn
FM90 90 Degree Angle
Part # Down Adapter – 1/ctn – Adapts to 3″ schedule 40 pipe
FMDA Down Adapter
Part # Side Adapter – 1/ctn – Adapts to 2″ schedule 40 pipe
FMSA Side Adapter
Part # Tee – 1/ctn
Part # End Adapter – 1/ctn – Adapts to 3″ schedule 40 pipe
FMDEA End Adapter
Part # End Plug – 1/ctn
FMDEP End Plug
Part # Coupler – 1/ctn
FMDCUP Coupler


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