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Frontier Desert Deck is an additive to be mixed with white marble sand and white cement and is used as a deck topping. Applied properly, Frontier Desert Deck creates a “ Textured Finish “ that is ideal for residential and commercial swimming pool decks and patios. Frontier Desert Deck is available in 14 colors and is noticeably cooler than broom finished concrete and other deck toppings. When applied properly, Frontier Desert Deck retains a non skid quality even when wet.

Approximate coverage:

200 square feet per gallon on first coat

300 square feet per gallon on second coat


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Part # Description: – (8 units per carton)
FD105C Lite Sand Buff
FD110C Regular Sand Buff
FD115C Dark Sand Buff
FD120C Dove Grey
FD125C Lite Dove Grey
FD130C Aztec Gold
FD135C Colorado Gold
FD145C Buckskin
FD150C Sun Yellow
FD155C Rose Pink
FD165C White
FD170C Burly Wood

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